David Lipari Jr. - Words,Music,overall production and performance

"My ultimate goal with my music is to continue growing, and never stop as an artist. Also to inspire others to freely express themselves as they wish without the worry of judgment or rules. Art should be raw and free. Pure and true. And I always want my music to represent that." David is a songwriter, composer, Musician, Editor and producer. Aside from singing, he also uses guitar, bass, and keyboards in his music, all of which he taught himself and plays by ear. From an early age he would hear full songs, orchestral pieces and melodies in his head. He now has 20+ years of experience and enjoys all genres of music, including jazz, rock, blues, industrial, R&B, and much more. He tends to include elements from all of these genres in his work. “Ever since I was little, I've heard melodies in my head” Dave recalls. “They would visit me like spirits in the night. Sometimes, I would have a pen or tape recorder handy, but other times I would not. I'd always felt that the music had chosen me instead of the other way around. I got the name ‘Dying Seed’ from a song I wrote over ten years ago. The lyrics encompass my view of the world and all of its components. Layer upon layer of irresistible beauty; complex and very necessary. The positive and negative, the light and dark, the sweet and sour, as well as birth and death. All things have a beginning and an end. This allows for great creativity in my songwriting. There are numerous ways of describing the human condition and how we feel.” When not working on his numerous Dying Seed projects or performing live with his acoustic, David is providing his artistic services online where he has had the great pleasure to work with many talented artists and groups such as Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire, Monobell, and Downward Summer just to name a few.




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