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Dying Seed "In The Abyss" - Full Album

"In The Abyss" is a concept album that 
is both personal and haunting but 
with a underlying sense of hope and protest. Stylistically the songs are varied with straight up acoustic pieces, acapella jams, heavy synth based opuses and keyboard instrumentals. Overall the tone is dark but that doesn't stop "In The Abyss" from being an extremely fun listen. The album has a wide range of vocals from soft and sweet to crashingly powerful and the writing is explorative and meaningful.

Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty - Full Album

"Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty" has that Garage Band sound that can only be captured by using the purest methods
of recording. Recorded in one small dimly room with various different instruments That the artist himself had never played before, Dying Seed had set out to create the most honest musical work he had ever done. In the end he found that he had done just that. Each track was recorded with limited takes(between 1 and 3) and mixed with the inexperience he had with some of the instruments(Mainly Snare drum and Saxaphone) it created the truthful, slightly juvenile sound he was going for. It also wound up being his most Rock based album so far. Throw Soul, Blues, Pop, and even a bit of 90's nostalgia into the mix and you have "Inferior Beauty" (an oxy moron as fitting for this album as the artist's name himself). It's perfect for summer road trips, party's or even a relaxing chill at home. "Inferior Beauty" has to be experienced! A must for any fan of music or any art for that matter.

Forever Tuesday - Full Album/MP3's

Get ready for Wild sounds that are original and fresh.
A Great lyrical adventure. "Forever Tuesday" consists of songs and instrumentals Inspired by several of DS's favorite genre films and an ode to the happiest day of the week for any hardcore movie and music buff.

Reset - Full Album and MP3s

Dying Seed's acoustic effort shines. With Passion and extreme energy flowing from every note and heavy strum. A collection of powerful new songs delivered with no holds barred enthusiasm.

"The Ghost Project" - Full Album and MP3s

The story of a ghost in love with a stranger in a strange place. He awakes to find himself in the home a woman he doesn't know,Unable to leave, and with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He figures he must be dead for he can not communicate with her or the physical world they occupy. All he has is a notepad and pen with which to write with and a guitar in which to play. This is a tragic love story in the truest sense. This is "The Ghost Project".


Gentle Souls - Full album

"Gentle Souls" is probably Dying Seed's weirdest(and strongest) anthology yet. On this latest project, we venture into experimentally synthesized territory, winding through a maze of determined, upbeat songs, all with a story to tell. Each track has it's own separate feel, while still coming together into a kind of theme. From tracks like "Worth the wait" and it's companion "Later that night... ," which take the listener on an exhilarating ride through the fun house, to a more serious song like "Extra Sensitive," the key sorrowful ballad of the album, it is apparent that this piece of work is very much like a peek into numerous spooky lives. With reoccurring themes of loneliness, loss, weakness, and despair, you will indeed be haunted by these suffering gentle souls.

"Waiting for birth" CD Album MP3 - Full album

My new album "Waiting for birth" is now available at the Reverb nation store! It's a mixture of rock n' roll,electronica,and acapella. However, if you seek feedom from the cage that labels bring, you should really check this one out because it's vibe is a special one.

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