Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty - Full Album

"Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty" has that Garage Band sound that can only be captured by using the purest methods
of recording. Recorded in one small dimly room with various different instruments That the artist himself had never played before, Dying Seed had set out to create the most honest musical work he had ever done. In the end he found that he had done just that. Each track was recorded with limited takes(between 1 and 3) and mixed with the inexperience he had with some of the instruments(Mainly Snare drum and Saxaphone) it created the truthful, slightly juvenile sound he was going for. It also wound up being his most Rock based album so far. Throw Soul, Blues, Pop, and even a bit of 90's nostalgia into the mix and you have "Inferior Beauty" (an oxy moron as fitting for this album as the artist's name himself). It's perfect for summer road trips, party's or even a relaxing chill at home. "Inferior Beauty" has to be experienced! A must for any fan of music or any art for that matter.

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